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Creative South ’14

Creative South 2014

A group of talented designers, thinkers, and innovators gathered together last weekend in Columbus, Georgia for Creative South 2014. Two of our intrepid designers, Kelly & Kristie, packed their bags and made the road trip south in record time. They spent two days networking with creative professionals and drew inspiration from a wonderful lineup of industry speakers. The ladies brought back a plethora of SWAG and fresh ideas to share with the Resource crew.

Here are their Top 3 Takeaways…

Design Like A River – Even when you hit a rock, don’t stop…keep moving forward.

Get plugged into the community – Help others and it will help yourself. We can grow with the community.

Always Make – This was a reoccurring theme from every speaker. Make for friends, make for family and make for yourself. Take the time to create every day and it will only make you better.

Creative South 2014

Creative South 2014

Creative South 2014

We can’t wait for next year!

Here are links to some of our favorite speakers and to more creative south info:

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