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Filling The White Space.


Coming from a design firm, you may suspect a rant about the perpetual dance between designer and client about white space – is it really necessary? Don’t we need to fill it? Our official opinion, since you wondered; it’s not empty, it’s actually full. Of white. Which is serving a real purpose.

But this post is really a social commentary on our lives in general. A few of us were recently discussing how to solve the world’s problems and although we didn’t reach our goal, we did come across one nugget. How much white space do you have in your life? Do always feel the need to fill it? Do you cram your life so full that you’re unable to focus on a single project without looking at your phone, email, chat, Facebook, chat, email, phone and so on?

With the advent of technology, we have become masters of efficiency, which has only brought us more free time to fill.

In the creative field, we are constantly looking around for inspiration – which is both client-driven and based on an inner drive to stay ahead of the curve. But we have to be careful – some of the best and most important thinking happens over time, through your subconscious and typically away from the task at hand.

So the next time you’re standing and waiting for the elevator, resist the temptation to look at your phone. Don’t try to fill that valuable white space. Look up, look around, and absorb your surroundings. Who knows, maybe the solution to your problem will happen upon you when you least expect it.