Kids sick and you need to stay at home with them? Car broke down? Snow or rumors of snow? Crackheads set an overpass on fire? Resource can accommodate that!

Here’s how to set up your computer to connect to the Resource VPN, which will allow you to access all the shares from ResourceAtlanta.

If you have not created the Resource L2TP service:

  • select Apple Menu > System Preferences
  • select ‘Network’
  • click on the Plus sign (Create New Service)

  • fill out the interface options and click ‘Create’

  • fill out the service options as below; replace ‘xxx’ with your name

  • click on ‘Advanced’ and add the following information. Contact the system administrator for the shared secret, and if you do not know your password

  • click ‘OK’ and then ‘Apply’ in the underlying dialog
  • Now click ‘Advanced’ and make sure these options are selected

  • Click ‘Ok’ and then ‘Apply’ (if necessary)

Now that the VPN service is configured, you may connect from the menu bar in the Finder. There will be a new icon that looks like this:

Select that icon and in the dropdown that appears, select ‘Connect Resource L2TP’. After a brief moment, you will be connected directly to the Resource VPN. You will now be able to access any of the shares from ResourceAtlanta just as you would normally do if you were in the office. When finished with your session, don’t forget to select ‘Disconnect Resource L2TP’ from the dropdown menu.

Keep in mind that the network speed will be based on the slowest connection. If you are using a wireless connection, that will be your upper speed limit. You will benefit from improved speed by directly connecting via ethernet to your network router, if a direct connection is possible.

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