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Logo Process – A Balance of Insight & Intuition

There are lots of logo designs and approaches out there – from crowd-sourced sites to stock logo designs, logos have become easier to attain over the years. Yet a quality logo mark that will stand out and hold up is based on an informed and thoughtful process that requires (and deserves) the effort to get to know your business or product. Here are a few principles that we believe will lead to an authentic logo design that will set you up for success.


Is the design simple and legible enough to be easily recognizable?


Is it quickly discernible?


Is it too trendy or will it stand the test of time?


Does it scale to different sizes without losing quality? Will it work across various media and within different contexts?


Does it have meaning and will it resonate with the desired audiences?

Our Logo Design Process


Reference, Research and Design Brief

Problem solve first, design later. Perform due diligence on the relevant history and information for the new brand, including a competitive audit that will help to rule out any existing styles or trends that may present a conflict. All of this information is then compiled into a creative brief that summarizes the research, audiences, objectives, and applications for the brand.


Ideation and Concepting

Logos can begin as sketches on paper before making their way to the digital format, where the design team can play with a wide variety of font and layout choices before narrowing down options for internal review.



Pin it up, let it sink in and live with the ideas for a couple of days. This gives our entire team the unhurried opportunity to view and review the collected work objectively, without the pressure of an immediate deadline. Feedback and potential ideas for improvements are discussed and the most appropriate options for the logomark rise to the top.



Design refinements are made into concepts and decisions are made on which ideas will make the final presentation to the client.



Logomarks are presented in context of a mood board with some potential design executions. This helps the client visualize brand personality and how the logo might look in some applications.


Years of relevant project experience, along with a mindful study of best practices, have helped us establish this thoughtful process for effective logo design. Staying true to these principles will create a mark that will serve as a strong foundation for your brand execution and make you stand out in the marketplace.