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The Power of First Impressions

We’re all aware of how first impressions shape our reputation. But when it comes to your company or development, do you have control over how your clients and potential clients perceive your brand?

Your brand is the very essence of who you are as a company as well as what your project represents to its users and the community.  A thoughtfully crafted and well-executed brand will not only speak to your target customers, it will also help them find you. Little could be more important in uncertain times like these.

Think about all that you do to ensure your property is attractive to potential tenants and buyers.  Are you applying the same standards to every piece of communication associated with it (direct mailers, building tours, website, etc)? And are you applying the same thought process to the “look” of your company?

Resource is pleased to introduce a series of relevant (and hopefully interesting) topics geared toward helping our clients and friends navigate their brand through these challenging times. In the coming issues, we’ll take a look at cost effective ways to help you enhance, refine and communicate your brand:

  • Creating first impressions – why good design matters.
  • Defining your identity – getting to the core of your strengths.
  • Integrating your brand – consistency rules.
  • Reaching your target audience – identifying cost effective marketing tools.