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Naming Process – Rhyme & Reason

Whether it’s a product, project or company, naming is one of the most important and challenging parts of the branding process.  It is the first thing that people hear about your brand and immediately informs your customer’s response.  And while naming is only the beginning of your brand, we know that a good name can also be your bedrock.

After years of defining (and refining) a naming process, there are a few principles that continue to be our guideposts when selecting a name:


Does it have a meaning – either one that is obvious to prospects or a deeper, more personal meaning to the product, project or company?


Is the name easy to remember?  Does it roll off the tongue?


Is the name differentiated from the competition? Does it stand apart in the marketplace?


Is the name protectable? Can you reserve the web address that matches the name?


Is the name approachable? Do your prospects respond to it and is it relevant to them?


It is easy to say and spell? Does it mislead or confuse your prospect? Difficult and confusing names can be easily forgotten.


Is the name limiting? Is it difficult in logo form? Even though a name might sound great, sometimes it is too long or too many words to be functional.

Whatever you’re naming, follow these tenets and you’re sure to find a moniker that will stand the test of time.