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Observing Is Step One


Quick, without looking, describe one of your coworkers outfits in detail. How many floors do you have in your building? In today’s ever connected culture people have lost a bit of detail perception. Of course, people still focus on projects and details, but in general we have our heads buried in some sort of digital device trying to stay informed on what’s happening in the world, news, email and our digital social lives. Do you automatically reach for your smartphone when there is a lull? At a restaurant, work, red light or even before you get out of bed? It is our job at Resource to be observationalists. We pick up on nuance, small changes and details that make your company unique. We naturally enjoy staying up to date on current events, branding, design and technology but a lot of inspiration comes from putting down our newest piece of technology and just observing. Take a minute during your day and actively observe your surroundings and leave us a message about a detail that you may pass regularly but have never noticed. Be careful though, it’s addicting.