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A Consistent Brand

Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is key to a having a unified, recognizable and strong brand presence. A local, well-known restaurant nearby has several signs on the same street and each one uses a different typeface, color and only one correctly uses the accent mark on the “e” of the company name. Do the majority of customers notice? Doubt it. But do you ever see the big brands allow themselves to be seen in any other way but “on brand?” You know an Apple, Nike or Coca-Cola product from their entire brand experience but it is also easy to recognize their brand through all of the details that are clearly consistent. Always, every time, with no exception. This repetition starts with fundamentals like your logo, positioning, photography, typography and voice but extends to all aspects of your business and what helps you stand out in a busy marketplace. And just because your company isn’t as big as Coke, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow the same basic branding rules or that we can’t all learn something from the masters.