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Why Good Design Matters

Have you ever bought a bottle of wine just because you liked the label?

Good design is powerful. It forms good first impressions, influences decisions, educates and even inspires others. As a result, a well designed company website or building brochure can tell a story and help make your product more likeable.

Good design is more than just “looking professional.” A truly intuitive design elegantly redirects attention across a page or screen so that messages are conveyed with maximum effect. Your brain likes this – it’s more efficient. As a result, you not only retain more information, you actually build an affinity for the design and the product being promoted.

Your success is tied to your brand’s likeability.

Brand affinity is more important than most people recognize. Design, if done well, is an opportunity for you to reflect the personality of your project or company. If customers like your design, chances are they’re going to respond favorably to your marketing efforts. This becomes even more important when you consider “likeability” is the proven single most important factor linking marketing communications to persuasion and sales.*

Scream when everyone is quiet.

Today, much of your competition has likely cut back on marketing. This presents a rare opportunity to be the sole credible voice in the choir. Launching new materials carefully designed to inspire your audience now is a great way to differentiate your project or company and widen the awareness gap. History is filled with visionary brands that gained ground by being brave when others were fearful.

We invite you to explore how good design can help your project put a better foot forward. For more information or questions, contact

* 1991 Advertising Research Foundation Study