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A Resource Retrospective

Putting our passion to work for two decades.

To mark our 20th anniversary, we’re taking a look back at some of the defining projects that got us to where we are today. It’s funny how we always associate a project with the office space we occupied at the time. It’s a true testament to how much an environment affects your mood, perspective and even your memories. While our Resource family has grown and our design aesthetic and offerings have evolved, our commitment to teamwork, exceptional service and beautiful design remain true to our beginnings.

1999-2006 ~ The Little House on Defoor

Resource’s early days were spent in a charming little house on Defoor Avenue. It was close quarters with eight people and one dog but we were young, scrappy and hungry – working hard and having fun.

2006-2012 ~ The Loft on Antone

On April 1, 2006, Jae became the sole owner and set out to make Resource a different kind of design studio with equal emphasis on creative talent and great service. We believe it was this combo (along with keeping our overhead low), that allowed Resource to survive the Great Recession. Despite the downturn, we worked on some pretty great projects and forged new, long-lasting client relationships.

2012-2017 ~ Our “Grown Up” Office at 1776 Peachtree

Coming out of the recession, we decided it was time for Resource to “grow up” with a traditional office building in an area with more amenities and better walkability. With the help of our friends at VeenendaalCave, we designed our space to be bright and happy – a creative space filled with positivity. The work we did at 1776 reflects our more experienced team and expanded capabilities with expertise in environmental graphics.

2017-2019 ~ The Studio in Chamblee

Two years ago, we made the bold decision to leave Buckhead and plant our flag in the heart of Chamblee’s quaint, yet thriving downtown area. The return to a more creative and flexible environment has been a game-changer.
Our light-filled studio is intentionally warm and welcoming not only for our clients and partners, but for our four-legged friends, too. Here, we’re perfectly positioned for our next chapter of branding for people and places.

Special thanks to the Resourcers past and present who have contributed to our success:

  • Erik Rühling
  • Chris Verdier
  • Rory Odani
  • Paul Dehaven
  • Leslie Wright Galloway
  • Sarah Stutzman
  • Amanda Jaynes-Ray
  • Jessica Younglove Childers
  • Bertrand Pinneo
  • Lavon Radney Napoli
  • Leslie Dewberry
  • Kim Riley
  • Marcelo Galvao
  • Ann Parker
  • Tracey Del Moral
  • Lauren Songy
  • Kate Swaney
  • Eric Miller
  • Paige Dohoney Brewster
  • Rick Grimsley
  • Lydia Phillips Mayfield
  • Bryan Condra
  • Dayna Cotter
  • Kristie Feltner
  • Lindsey Migliorisi Lane
  • Kelly Davidson Ball
  • Karen Gailey
  • Alex Eigel
  • Lauren Farmer
  • Holly Morrison Adler
  • Sarah Krausen
  • Alex Bundrick
  • David Kuhn
  • Juliana Bone
  • Jake Andrews
  • Steven Johnson
  • Cate Shafer Pilliod
  • Daniel Wiggins
  • Courtney Haddon Brennan
  • Shane Kingery
  • Mandy LeCompte
  • Meg Burrell
  • Ellie Varicak
  • Mandy Cobb Rahiya
  • Alex Walker
  • Elizabeth Northcutt
  • Mary Catherine Touliatos
  • Interns:
  • Grace Thompson
  • William Vingi
  • Nathaniel Johnson
  • Natalia Nieto
  • Hayley Price
  • Andi Mints Gilreath
  • Lethycia Macedo
  • Olivia Simmons
  • Avery Dean
  • Meredith Gordon