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Five Senses, Not One

Five Sense, Not One

Brand Sense by Martin Lindstrom is an excellent book on the neurological power of branding but more importantly, the power of using as many senses as possible to create an even stronger brand. His research proved that a combination of senses made a deeper impact and had several examples of using Touch, Sight, Taste, Hearing and Smell. One example was car manufacturing. There are the initial standards: consistent styling, the brand specific colors (think Ferrari Cherry Red), the logo emblems and control placement. But he dove deeper into the new car smell that is unique to each brand, because it is actually a spray that is manufactured. That’s right, research and design has gone into the smell. But think a little more about your experiences. Have you noticed a Honda has a particular whine when reversing, all Toyota and Lexus vehicles beep exactly the same when unlocking the doors, a Range Rover has very heavy doors, and newer model Ford’s have very distinct front grills. Each of these are purposeful decisions made by the car manufacturers to give a very specific experience and to make their brands more memorable through reaching 4 out of 5 senses. What has your brand done to use multiple senses?