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Using BrowserStack

Using BrowserStack

BrowserStack ( is a virtual browser and device testing service. You can readily test the layout and functionality of websites on various browser and device versions.


The easiest way to test a site is by adding the BrowserStack extension to the Google Chrome browser. The extension is not supported in Safari, so make sure you are using Google Chrome. Click on ‘Add To Chrome’, and verify by clicking ‘Add Extension’. You will now see a new BrowserStack icon in the Chrome toolbar:

BrowserStack added to Chrome


BrowserStack is not a free service, contact IT for the username & password for Resource’s account.

Now that the extension is installed in Google Chrome, you can easily test a web page. Navigate to the page or site you wish to test in your browser. Now click on the BrowserStack icon in the toolbar:

BrowserStack Quick Launch

Here you will have Quick Launch access to some browser / device defaults. If you want to access the entire list of browsers, versions, and devices, click on View All. Otherwise, just click on one of the Quick Launch items to launch BrowserStack in that browser / OS combination. BrowserStack will launch in a new window, and will take a moment to create a new virtual device. Once everything is created, you will see the page loaded in a virtual representation of the browser you chose. Everything will work and display just as if you were working on the real browser. You can navigate to different pages, submit forms, resize the browser. You can quickly change the browser by clicking on Switch Browser or Recommendations. If you see a problem, you can either create a screen shot or you may use the Report A Bug feature. Resource is only set up to receive bug reports via email.

For more in-depth BrowserStack documentation, please have a look at their official documentation.

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